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Has bill gates invested in bitcoin

has bill gates invested in bitcoin

Gates told, cNBC that bitcoin Bitcoin is "one of the forex crazier, speculative things" he's seen, and that he would "short it forex if there was an easy way to." In the investment world, shorting invested is when you bet against an asset and make money.
If someone charts is going to take the view that Bitcoin will hdfc or should be forex shut down, then bank they need to explain how such a crackdown would take place.
Following the collective comments, Bitcoin's value dropped nearly 6 percent on Sunday and then another bank 2 percent today, to just over 9,300.
Bill Gates was just interviewed by Erik Schatzker because he's at forex the Annual Banking and Financial Conference in Boston talking about his foundation's initiative to help the unbanked.Buffett also spoke negatively of Bitcoin, telling cnbc it's "probably rat poison squared" south while presiding at the Bershire bank Hathaway 2018 annual shareholder bank meeting on Saturday.Yes - anonymous cash is used for these kinds of things but you have to be physically present to transfer it which makes things like kidnapping payments more difficult, commented Gates.The customers current we're bank talking about aren't trying to be anonymous.Recent studies have also found a decline in criminal activity as a percentage of the overall bitcoin economy. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates hasn't been too vocal on the subject lately, but he has expressed a cautiously positive opinion in the past.
Bitcoin is far from anonymous in its current state, although proposals exist for adding better privacy to the system in the future.

Charlie Munger, Berkshire's vice chairman, echoed those comments saying that trading in calculator cryptocurrencies is "just bitcoin dementia likening it to bitcoin somebody else "trading turds and you decide you can't be left out.The entire point of bitcoin Bitcoin is to gates avoid a government shutdown of this new, bearer ecash.It's too volatile to be a reliable currency, "Shark Tank" star and investor.Last year, the dark Department of Justice mentioned multiple fentanyl-related deaths as they announced the takedown of darknet market AlphaBay.For example, its bitcoin easier to collect a ransom from someone if forex you dont have to actually show up in person at a designated location to collect the cash.As he put it, "We need things that draw on the revolution of bitcoin, but bitcoin alone is not good enough.".It's no longer bitcoin feasible to 'mine' for Bitcoins bill using a consumer graphics card, but there are several other currencies where it is, which are sometimes traded for Bitcoin.In his comments, Gates stated that the use of cryptocurrencies for anonymous payments is not a good thing due to the difficulties it creates for law enforcement when going after criminals.There is no shortage of believers in Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology, but when it comes to investing in the cryptocurrency, billionaires Warren Buffett invested and Bill Gates both think it's a bad idea.He also predicted that things will come crashing down in the digital schnell coin world.Its worth can be hard to pinpoint, too, which is why it's smart to be cautious when investing in cryptocurrency.Are you a believer? "I have no idea what its value is, and neither does anybody else O'Leary said.
Gates also points to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies use in the global fentanyl trade, which has gates contributed to an epidemic of overdoses in the United States and elsewhere.
Bitcoin's advocates will point out that people have been laying out gloom and doom predictions bill for some time now, and that's true.

To Gates's point, there would not be much use for bitcoin if every government in the bill world implemented sound monetary policies, allowed all of their citizens to transact privately, and never seized anyone's assets; however, this obviously not how the world works.
The first point to make here is that censorship resistance, not anonymity, is the key value proposition of bitcoin, which is the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world today.


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